Princess Tea Parties in Arlington

Want to plan a beautiful and simple birthay party for your princess?  All you have to do is pick a date, bring your princess and bring your cake or cupcakes ... we will take care of everything else from the invitations to the thank you cards!

Princess for a Day 

$199 for 12 guests/$14.99 each additional guest - Dress up, make up, introduction ceremony, pink carpet princess parade,  princess game(s), house decaffeinated flavored tea, invitations, thank you cards, and party favors.

This is our base birthday party package and does not include the tiaras as part of the party favors or the enchanted tea party.

Princess Court 

$279 for 10 guests/$20.95 each additional guest - Princess for a day package plus enchanted tea party complete with royal manners and etiquette lesson, mini blueberry muffin, tiara sandwich, princess kbob, sceptre pretzel white chocolate and sprinkles, and marshmallow with milk chocolate and sprinkles served with our house decaffeinated flavored tea,  princess game(s) and deluxe party favors that include a tiara for each guest and a rhinestone tiara for the birthday princess.

This is our most popular birthday party package and includes everything that we offer.  The Princess Royale is identical to this package but designed for less attendees.  If you have 5 - 7 attendees, the Princess Royale is best for you.

Princess Royale 

​$229 for 5 guests/$20.95 for each additional guest - Have a smaller court? Enhanced pampering, this party includes full make up, nails, and up dos, plus everything listed in the Princess Court package above. 

This is a very popular birthday party package for younger kiddos who may not be in school or those wanting a smaller party.  This package includes everything in the Princess Court but with less kids, we have a little more pampering time to do their hair and nails. Note:  we are not licensed cosmetologists, just a couple of girls having fun with kids:) 

Royal Ball​

 $279 for 10 guests/$20.95 each additional guest - Princess Court package with a dancing focus ... Princess Ball includes dance lesson for princes and princesses alike.

This package is popular for birthday girls turning 8 years and older.  It includes everything listed in the Princess Court package above which is our most popular package, but a portion of the activities are focused on a ballroom dance lesson of a simple waltz.


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